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I see you as a holistic, unique being who has a birthright to unconditional love and finds personal fulfillment when your processes are lovingly understood, witnessed, integrated, and cultivated and leads to new, exiting perspectives. I do not see you as sick, in need of repair, or deficient. At most, you may suffer from symptoms of unconsciousness or feel a longing and inspiration to uncover more of your innate potential. Both are a natural part of the human experience, embedded in a progressive development of consciousness. Often, as the process progresses, the real issues begin to emerge more and more in these "problems", which can finally be looked at and worked through.

I assume that every feeling, experience, and behavior carries a positive intention that wants to be understood. There is no failure, only feedback. I accompany you on a journey of self-discovery and acceptance, which gradually brings forth from within what you are in your essence. In our collaboration, I am highly intrinsically motivated with joy, curiosity, and enthusiasm for psychological processes, bringing my own authenticity in a way that serves you. I am committed to always treating you with respect, honesty, and appreciation, and to do my best to serve you from the heart in our collaboration, whatever that may entail for you on your journey. There is no contract or other formal obligations in terms of a coaching package or similar. Your commitment to yourself and your process is all the more important. Every session you have with me is therefore a new and fresh decision. I recommend that in the initial conversation, as well as in the first 2-3 sessions, you listen to your gut feeling above all, to determine if you find the type of work and the relationship with me helpful for your development path and to respect this feeling. Everything exchanged between us will be treated with sensitivity and discretion.

Principles that guide the coaching sessions

Wholesome relationship: Supportive and empathetic therapeutic environments are essential for facilitating personal growth and healing.

Full attention: Presence is the greatest gift and a catalyst for understanding.

Better together: You already carry all the answers within you. Our collaboration aims to create clarity in you, to access these truths.

Youniqueness: According to your individual situation I suggest varying tools tailored to your process.

Experience and application: Truly experiencing something has a much larger impact than only theory and knowledge transfer.

Coaching takes place 1-on-1 with me personally either in german or english, allowing me to tailor the sessions to you and your needs. Each session lasts between 60-120 minutes. A recommended number of sessions is at least 12 (deviation possible), spaced one to two weeks apart. Essentially, I accompany you for as long as you feel the need for support. Sessions are conducted via video conferencing or, if preferred, in person at premises in Berlin Neukölln. Before we begin our collaboration, we schedule an informal and complimentary initial consultation, giving us the opportunity to get to know each other and for me to gain an understanding of you and your situation. Please reach out to me via the contact form to arrange this. I look forward to hearing from you.

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